Nutrition (Extra Food)

For shorter trips, a one-day supply of extra food is a reasonable emergency stockpile in case foul weather, faulty navigation, injury, or other reasons delay the planned return. An expedition or long trek may require more. The food should require no cooking, be easily digestible, and store well for long periods. A combination of jerky, nuts, candy, granola, and dried fruit works well. If a stove is carried, cocoa, dried soup, and tea can be added.

Day hikes may need just a few candy bars while backpack trips usually needs food for an extra day in case of delays.

For emergency purposes, two Snickers bars in a Ziploc bag tucked into a corner of the pack is not a bad idea. One hiker carries a small package of dry dog biscuits on the assumption that he would never be tempted to eat it except in an extreme emergency.

In my Ten Essentials Kit I carry either a bag of GORP or a candy bar over and above any lunch I pack.

Jim Yuen 3/18/2002