A Hui Hou

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A Hui Hou means “Until we meet again”. We are friends and hikers from the mid-twentieth century to the present in Hawaii. We use this group to keep in touch with old friends and each other. You can post announcements and status. This is NOT A CHAT group.
If you’re an old time member of the hiking hui on Oahu, especially if you’re an HTMCer, and want to keep in touch with fellow hikers, here’s a group for you. Messages will be infrequent but hopefully meaningful to you. Anecdotes of (past) members are always welcome. Especially those who passed on as we would like to keep their memories alive.
Do be considerate of all members of this group and always remember to show aloha.
Jim Yuen, 2020



Note: In Hawaiian: Ala hekehi =  Hiking trail      Mea hekehi = Hiker