Backpack Trip Planning -- by Jim Yuen
a. k. a. Your Portable Home

These are class materal for a course on planning a backpack trip into Haleakala Crater National Park and backpacking trips in general. The analogy used is that a backipack trip is equivalent to carrying a portable home in your pack.

Food and menu planning emphasises minimizing weight and bulk, re-packaging to reduce trash, and ease of meal preparation (cooking).

Trip Planning Outline - Your Portable Home

Trip Planning -  Your Portable Home in detail

Meal Planning Exercise - Homework and preparation

Menu Planning - with Food Examples

Menu Planning Form - Calculating ingredients needed day by day

Portable Home Exam - Final exam

2016 Haleakala Trip Handouts and Notes - High School Hikers Backpack / Training Trip

2002 Haleakala Trip Handouts and Notes - Leilehua High School Trip 2002 (an example)

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Jim Yuen Jan, 2011; revd Jan 2016