Backpack Trip Planning -- by Jim Yuen
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Haleakala Trip Handouts and Notes
Leilehua High School Trip 2002 (an example)

In 2002, Leilehua High School of Mililani, Hawaii went on a combination Service Trip / Haleakala Backback Trip. After three days of service work, the students backpacked into Haleaka Crater at Haleakala National Park on Maui. Bob Keane, science instructor and hike leader initiated a series of classess and training sessions to prepare the students for the trip.

Because the trip was sponsored, in part, by the Hawaii Service Trip Program of the Sierra Club, Hawaii Chapter (HSTP), several of the forms below are Sierra Club requirements.

These are the notes and hand-outs developed for the trip.

Description - Description of the trip agenda
Schedule - Dates, times of the trip
Training - Required training for the students
Checklist - Equipment list and student behavior guidelines
Medical Release Form - Medical information and release form
Questionnaire - Questionnaire on prior experience (HSTP requirement)

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