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Back Country Hawaii

Stuck in the Woods – Be prepared for that unexpected overnighter. Advice and techniques covered in a series of seminars. Rule of Threes, Ten Essentials and more.

Stuck in the Woods 2015 Class Schedule – tentatively Jan-Feb.

Stuck in the Woods 2014 Class Photo Album

 Back Country Hawaii – Useful  information and links to Hawaiian hiking and backpacking.  People, places and items of interest.

Stuck in the Office – (by request) You’re stuck in a building / office and you need to get out. Here’s a GET OUT KIT for this urban scenario.

People, Places and Links
Hawaii Hiking and Outdoor Links A list of resources in and about Hawaii Hiking
List of public trails on Oahu Na Ala Hele list of public trails on Oahu
Campsites An incomplete list of island campsites
Trail Guides Frequently requested hikes and backpacks in Hawaii
The Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club Founded in 1910, HTMC is an Oahu hiker’s club
The Hawaii Service Trip Program Active service trips to preserve the Hawaiian ecosystem
The High School Hikers Program Nurturing our young people as future hikers

Knowledge, Skills and Tools
By My Hands Primal skills
Common Sense Hiking Advice for the beginning hiker
Stuck in the Woods How to cope with an unexpected emergency in the woods
The Unplanned Overnighter A quick and basic guide for an unexpected situation
Fallen Hiker What to do when a hiker falls off the trail
Ten Essentials The original Mountaineers recommended list (gear)
Trip Planning Food and equipment for a backpack trip
Advances in Flashlight Technology LEDs have revolutionized flashlights
Bothy Bags Emergency shelter from the U.K.
Transporting Backpack Stoves How to cope with it in Hawaii
Spare parts for liquid (white gas) stoves Donated parts, most are free
Animated Knots A neat and fun way to learn and practice knots
GPS Notes on GPS for hiking
Nylon Tubular Webbimg  For hiking
Trail Clearing Notes  How and what to cut
Get Out Kit  What to do when you’re Stuck in the Office

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