Stuck in the Woods Course

The course covers how to prepare for a safe hike and what to do when an unexpected emergency occurs. Some activities may be at  nearby fields or parks for additional space.Attendance may be limited to approximately 10 students to encourage hands-on practice. Reservations are required. Please contact Jim at 808-536-8180 or jimyuen @ (no spaces). There will be a $10 charge per person to cover materials. Please bring your hiking day pack to the first meeting.

Day 1
Subject and demos:
Common Sense Hiking
- expectations

Stuck in the Woods
- scenarios
- panic and acceptance
- action priorities
- Personal Survival Kit explained

TenEssentials System
TenEssentials: clothing

Demonstration of cotton and fleece clothing properties

Day 2
Subject and demos:
TenEssentials: shelter, food, water, fire

Improvised shelters
Food and water
Fire building hands-on activity

Day 3
Subject and demos:
TenEssentials: signaling, navigation
Maps, compass

Use of whistle and signal mirror
Map work
Use of compass

Day 4
Subject and demos:
TenEssentials:  tools
Knife, flashlight

Use of flashlight
Use of knife

Recommended readings:

Common Sense Hiking
Stuck in the Woods

Of the hundreds of books, I recommend two:
98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive by Cody Lundin
Surviving the Unexpected Wilderness Emergency by Gene Fear

Both emphasize maintaining the body at a reasonable environment (heat/cold/etc) and what items are useful for that purpose.
Neither emphasizes the many tips, techniques, skills etc. that can confuse and detract from the fundamental job of keeping alive.

One of the best websites on emergency and survival gear is

Jim Yuen April, 2008
revised Sept 2008

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