Advances in Flashlight Technology

Why do we need a flashlight?

A flashlight is a portable, battery operated source of light used to illuminate a task. Different tasks require different levels of light. Some category of tasks is:

Each type of task may need a different type of flashlight.

What is a flashlight?

Flashlights before the mid-1990s consists of an incandescent bulb, a set of batteries, a switch and a holder for all the components.

In 1993, the Mr. Nakamura of Nichia Corp of Japan developed the first practical white Light Emitting Diode (LED). In 1999 LumiLED Corp of USA introduced the Luxeon brand high powered white LED.

The LED replaced the incandescent bulb and introduced a revolution in flashlights.

Let's look at the differences.

LED vs. incandescent bulb


What kinds of flashlight do I need?

Let's look at some considerations.

Bright enough or super-bright

Flood v spot? Do you need an area light, close up to do chores? Do you need to see things far away?


Flashlight sizes.

Regulated and multi-level LED lights


Jim Yuen  -  July 2006, Aug 2011